Group analytic psychotherapy is based on  the view that deep and lasting change is possible at any stage of life, but individuals need to commit themselves over an adequate period of time to reflect upon their lives for this therapy to be effective.

A group usually consists of up to eight members plus a facilitator who meet on a regular basis , everybody uses the group differently and at their own pace.

A group can be a powerful agent for change.  Personal concerns, conflicts and problems can be explored in an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality.  It provides an opportunity for members to understand themselves and their relationships with others more deeply in a safe setting, where new solutions to old problems may be found.

Participants in groups are exposed to several points of view, and groups therefore provide an opportunity to learn from others and to receive feedback and support.  Groups can also help those who find it difficult to express their feelings and needs.

 Group Analytic Psychotherapy may be helpful to those who:                      

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